Who we are:

Alston Moor Red Squirrel Group are a volunteer led action group, concerned with the plight of the red squirrel.  Alston Moor has a strong red squirrel population and it is vital that we protect it from its main threat, the grey squirrel.  The group aim to do this through the monitoring of the squirrel populations, both reds and greys, and working to prevent greys from entering the area. With the help of the local community and volunteers we hope that the reds will be protected and extinction in the country prevented.

As a volunteer led group our costs are low, however we do incur costs such as bait, feeders and volunteer ranger expenses, so help with fundraising is always appreciated.

Our Area:

Below is a map of the area that is monitored by the group.  If you live within the boundaries and would like to monitor red squirrel activity please get in touch via the contact page. 

For a more detailed view of our area visit the NRS website (found on our useful links page).